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The vine was introduced to the Bordeaux region by the Romans, probably in the mid-1st century. The soils and the Oceanic Climate found there is an excellent environment for growing vines.

There are 57 appellations of Bordeaux wine. Some prestigious (like Pomerol, Margaux, Sauternes, Graves etc…) and some much more affordable (like Blaye, Fronsac, Bordeaux Superieur etc… ).
(appellation: protected designation of origin)

The Garonne and Dordogne rivers define the main geographical subdivisions of the region:


Situated on the right bank of Dordogne, in the northern parts of the region, around the city of Libourne, this area covers the LIbournais and Bourg + Blaye.

RED CEPAGES: predominately planted with Merlot (associated with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon)

WHITE CEPAGES: sémillon, sauvignon (and colombard)

SOILS: Mainly Clay-Limestone (Fronsac, Saint-Emilion) or Gravely  (Pomerol)


French for "between two seas", this big area between the rivers Dordogne and Garonne, in the centre of the region, is offering a lot of different micro-climates and Appellations (Premières Côtes de Bordeaux,  Cadillac, Loupiac, etc...). Dry white wines and Sweet wines are traditionnally produced but quality red wines are increasing significantly.

Cepages are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion (mostly blended) + Merlot. Soils are very diverse with sands, clay, gravels + clay-limestone.


Situated on the left bank of Garonne, the left bank is further subdivided into:

GRAVES: the area upstream of the city Bordeaux (including the prestigious appellation of Pessac Leognan). We can find almost all the cepages of Bordeaux (red and white) and the soil is intensely gravelly.

MEDOC: the area downstream of the city Bordeaux (including prestigious Haut Medoc). Only red grapes (predominately Cabernet Sauvignon), and the soil consists of a thick gravel layer sitting on a base of heavy clay (+diverse limestone, sands and spread gravels).

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Bordeaux is worlwide famous for the “GRANDS CRUS” top of the range red wines. In fact, most of the best French red wines are produced in Bordeaux.
But those famous wines are usually expensive, and difficult to fully appreciate before 5 years of maturation. Therefore wine lowers on a budget tend to buy simpler wines from other countries.

Four our fist Introduction we have selected 2 qualities from the same BORDEAUX producer, carefully chosen for their style and offered at a competitive price.

This time we would like to offer a red Wine from COTES DE BORDEAUX / CADILLAC, which is using the typical mix of vine stocks used in BORDEAUX.

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