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This prestigious variety is probably coming from a little village of the same name in Burgundy and has been has been widely spread by monks under different forms. The main vineyards in France are found in Burgundy but also Champagne and Languedoc.

Today it is highly appreciated and well considered all over the world, and the wines produced from this variety in California, Australia, Chili and Argentina have become extremely popular.

Despite of the early development of the buds (vulnerability to Spring frost is the worst nightmare of Chablis vine growers…), this cepage is rather easy to cultivate and the early maturation of the grapes is reducing the risks of rots caused by autumn rains.

White wines of extremely good quality are produced from this variety. They usually have an intense flavour, dominated by nuances of tropical fruit /melon and pineapple/ with fig and citrus accents and, if it is cultivated in limestone soils, typical mineral nuances. The wines produced from Chardonnay develop very well in oak barrels and have a rich, complex flavour.