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Definitely French, The Pinot Noir has been traced back in the IVth century in Burgundy where he is mainly spread, like other cool regions such as Alsace and Champagne (also Chili, New Zealand, Germany, or even Italy, US etc…)

Fussy plant with a low yield, it is highly sensitive to rot and therefore needs a lot of care and experience. With a big variety of clones, the qualities of the wines depend to a great degree on the terroir and the climate, giving a lot of different expressions.

Pinot Noir is highly appreciated as an elegant dry red wine with a light to medium body with a Ruby color.

Wines are offering rich fruity flavors when young (like cherry, mulberry and raspberry), and they are developing more complex earth driven / animal flavours when matured in barrels (undergrowth, mushroom and gamey flavors).