Rhone Wine Tasting #2: Clos de Caveau (Vacqueyras)

Friday Dec 15 in Sai Kung @ 7pm
Saturday Dec 16 in Midlevels @ 5pm

Organic since 1989, the 12 Ha of Clos de Caveau are protected by 8 hectares of Mediterranean forest, which form a unique natural protection, and a fabulous ecosystem with a real identity.

Nestled in the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains. These unusual terroirs are located in altitude and on a hillside, contrary to other Vacqueyras, therefore producing Hillside wines.

With heavy rains carrying down alluviums, yields in the plain are almost 10 times greater than on the hillside where the soil becomes less and less fertile, producing lower yields yet with a much greater concentration.

Working in detail to identify each terroir, in order to produce rich and harmonious wines:

For generations, the farmhouse only produced one wine, but in 2006, Henri Bungener noticed that before bottling the wine, different vats had different tastes and aromas, which was unexplainable at the time. In an attempt to solve this mystery, Henri started a long and tedious investigation based on mono-varietal vinifications. Samples from each plot were harvested and fermented separately in order to unveil the mysteries of the soils, and he establised a geographical map of  “tastes and aromas” of the plots around the Clos.

Each geological strata produces very different wines, even though they may only be separated by a few meters:

Wines produced from the same geological origin often go harmoniously together, whereas wines produced from different geological origins tend not to blend well together…

Each wine has its own personality and requires “personalized” work, both in the fields and in the cellar. It is from this discovery that the Fruit SauvageCarmin Brillant and Lao Muse wines were created, in order to produce the best possible wines from these unusual plots of land.


One White Wine
4 Red Wines
(Grenache / Syrah – Plot Selection)


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