Rhum de France – Oak Aged Rhum 1st Cocktail Challenge

We have been requested by Rhum Ambassador Philippe Buchle to be a witness in the selection of the finalists for the Oak Aged Rhum 1st Cocktail Challenge organized by Rhum de France.

See photos of the finalist during the preparation of their cocktails using French Rhum from Guadeloupe (Damoiseau) and Mauritius (Flamboyant). The final is planned on Monday April 28 / venue to be confirmed.

The Wine Guild is now able to offer Damoiseau and Flamboyant to Sai Kung and Clearwaterbay customers! Contact us for details.

Austin @ Honi Honi


Jack @ Blackbird


Antonio @ Barsmith Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


Alex @ Brickhouse


More about Rhum de France : www.rhumdefrance.com