Visiting Rions – Cotes de Bordeaux

Beautiful day with the owners of Chateau Beynet.


Starting with a wine tasting: White Selection and Tradition vintages (Sauvignon Blanc), Rose (3 cepages), and of course Red (Selection and Tradition 2012).All seems very well and promising for 2013 despite of many accidents in other Bordeaux area (some Chateau will have very little quantity due to rains at flower stages, maturation stage and and harvests…).

This is a family affair:



Still using Old “cement” vats:



The vineyard is approximately 70 meters high, which gives a good water circulation (thanks to the stones as well)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


Some Parcels have already been cut (here are the stones again…).Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Some parcels are still uncut. Nowadays almost all vineyards in Bordeaux have grass between the ranks (it regulates the supply of nutriments and water for the grapes).Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Nice view on the vineyards slopeExif_JPEG_PICTURE


Visiting the old VillageExif_JPEG_PICTURE (it used to be a port a few hundred years ago before the river was moved!)Exif_JPEG_PICTUREExif_JPEG_PICTURE






The Church





Fantastic view on the village and the Garonne river uderneath)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE



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