Occitanie Wine and Cheese Tasting with French Gourmay


Enjoy the tastes of South of France with a special Cheese and Wine tasting in our stores.

Located in Southwestern France, Occitanie boasts diverse landscapes shaped by the Pyrenees to the South and the Massif Central to the North. Its plains offer varied scenery, from Quercy’s chalk plateaus to Gard’s Mediterranean coasts. This land of contrasts is a mosaic of colors, cultures, and histories that are naturally reflected in its gastronomic traditions.

Occitanie is France’s top wine-producing area, with a third of the nation’s output. Its diverse climates and soils ensure a wide aromatic range in its wines. Abundant sunshine aids grape ripening, while regional winds protect against disease.

Vineyards span Languedoc, Roussillon, part of the Rhône Valley, and two-thirds of the Southwest. This diversity yields varied terroirs, grape varieties, and appellations to be discovered in our shops!


Where and When?

Thursday, May 16 in Midlevels store
Friday, May 17 in Wan Chai store
Start from 7pm

HKD200/person (prepayment)
6 wines on tasting + cheese

Limited capacity, so please RSVP


rsvp by email



Enjoy special offers throughout may with 15% discount for 6 bottles and 20% discount for 12 bottles on all wines from Occitanie (Cahors, Minervois, Corbieres and Saint-Chinian).


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