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What is Champenoise Method?

Also called “Méthode Traditionnelle” outside of the Champagne appellation, it refers to the fermentation in a bottle, leading to sparkling wines. Traditional method gives you flavours of bread dough and toast and makes the wine taste rich and creamy. As we often tell our customers, the Crémants from Loire, Bordeaux or Burgundy are made exactly […]

Protip: Northern Rhône Valley wines

The Rhone Valley was the result of an epic geological clash between the Massif Central (Middle of Southern France) and the Alps (South East), creating a rift valley which was flooded by the Mediterranean. Three hundred million years ago, volcanic activity in the Massif Central produced the granitic rocks of the Northern Rhône. Smaller than […]

PROTIP: What makes Cahors wines so Special?

The Cahors appellation is located equidistantly from the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains in the middle valley of the Lot. Its winegrowing region stretches over 4,000 hectares of silica-rich terraces as well as limestone slopes and plateaus, which run along the Lot River. The Cahors region is consisted of different terroirs […]

Rosé Battle with Chateau La Coste

Is Provence the best producer for Rosé? … Be the Judge! Come and taste 6 different Rosés from Provence, Loire, Bordeaux, and Languedoc. Side by side: One Spakling Rosé, and 2 Still Rosés from Chateau La Coste  (Provence) One Rosé from Loire Valley (Domaine Maison from Cheverny) One Rosé from Bordeaux (Chateau Mondorion – Saint Emilion […]

BURGUNDY WINE Presentation

  Proudly representing the Burgundy wines from Robert Comte during the annual Anaesthesiology meeting.   We’ve been through the burgundy varieties, soils, appellations, and of course tasting some great quality wines!   See how they are paying attention: of course! wine are good for health!       (drink responsibly) Stay in touch for more Burgundy wines!   […]