PROTIP: How is Rosé wine made?

Rosé can be found a in a variety of colors and tastes depending on the region and the grapes used… Here are 2 of the main methods to make Rosé.

Bleeding Method / Saignée

The wine will macerate for 12 to 24 hours in the vats with the skins. This is basically the same process as red wine, but much faster! The Juice is then taken out of the vat by the bottom. These wines are usually more colorful.

Direct pressing

The whole grapes are pressed, but instead of allowing too much time for the juice to soak and get its color from the skin, it is then taken out immediately. The juice is then vinified just like a white wine.


Our new Partner from Provence, Domaine des Aspras, uses the Direct Pressing Method on their Rosé wines, which leads to very fruity and elegant wines.