Save the Date: Friday Sept 30th 7:30pm
taste a special selection of NATURAL WINES

This is a unique chance to offer your palate a whole different experience and discover wines made with small yields, by passionate producers, cultivating old vines to extract the best of their soils, ALL NATURALLY!

The fee of the tasting is HKD100/person.

(also called LIVING WINES)

All natural wines are farmed organically in the vineyard (and mostly biodynamic as well), but the difference comes from the Winemaking process which is made with as little manipulation as possible, and NO ADDITIVES:

-no added sugar, no adjustments for acidity.
-no external yeast or bacterias,
-no additives for color, mouth feel, minerality, no external flavour additives to fake the taste of oak barrels.
-minimal or no fining or filtration
Minimal or no added sulphites (therefore reducing risk of headaches for sensitive people)

More than wine, it is a philosophy that promotes ancient methods and processes, leading to more singular wines, more Terroir/Soil-driven, with wilder expression and less concentration but definitely more Healthy and Drinkable (commonly qualified as Thirst wines).


(one White, one Rosé and 4 Reds)
Price range from HKD130 to HKD260 per bottle,
10% discount for a mixed case of 6 bottles or more.

Domaine Jousset
Exile blanc sec – Loire valley (Chardonnay / Chenin Blanc)

Anatheme Rosé

Languedoc Roussillon (Aramon, Grenache)

Domaine Mas Foulaquier Violetta 2014
Languedoc Roussillon (Grenache, Merlot, Carignan)

Jean-Claude Lapalu – Vieilles Vignes 2015
Brouilly (Gamay)

Domaine du Coulet Petit Ours Brun 2015
Rhone Valley (Syrah)

Poignee de raisins 2014 – Domaine Gramenon
Rhone valley (Grenache)