Sauvignon Blanc Wine Tasting

The summer heat is still going strong so we thought It’s time for a Sauvignon Blanc wine tasting!

Sauvignon Blanc grapes lead to dry, crisp and light bodied wines with a high acidity which are loved by many for their refreshing effect.

At our wine tasting, we will discover different expressions of this iconic grape based on different terroirs, blends, and also on the evolution of the wines themselves.

We will explore wines from the regions of Bordeaux, Loire Valley and even Burgundy!

Register now for our wine tastings on Sept 13 and Sept 14 and enjoy 6 wines for HKD100/pers!

Where and When?


Wednesday Sept 13 at 7pm
at our Wan Chai store.



Thursday Sept 14 at 7pm
at our Midlevels store.


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