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blanc: white

Classical white french cépage, it is very common in South West of France (associated to Sémillion in Bordeaux), Loire, or Pays d’Oc (sometimes as a Vin de Pays – Local wine). Also very well spread in US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Sauvignon Blanc is a mid-early wine variety and Sauvignon vines are notable for being much more interested in growing new leaves and shoots than in ripening grapes. Therefore vine management is important to keep a good balance between green parts and fruit.

Besides, it is attacked by various Fungi which Botrytis (or Noble Moulding) gives this an unforgettable taste to the wines of Sauternes.

Still, it is mostly used to produce dry white wine which are usually consumed young (except for fine ones like Pessac Leognan, Graves, Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre).

Considered to be one of the most difficult varieties for wine production the flavor can range from aggressively grassy to sweetly tropical depending on the climate. If the climate is too hot, it will loose its refreshing and fruity acidity.

The best soils for Sauvignon Blanc are Limestome soils like in Loire, or Clay-Limestone. Gravelly and less rich soils are preferred.