Wine & Cheese Day

Wine and cheese are two monuments of French gastronomy

The Wine Guild offers you some wine and cheese pairings with a selection of white and red wines. Let’s celebrate this 25th of July, it’s the Wine & Cheese day.


Here are some suggestions for pairings:

COMTE 15-18m is an ideal cheese for a wine & cheese dinner. It is neither too strong, nor too bland, and generally pleases everyone.
Suggestion of wines: 
Light body red wine or Chablis wine
BRIE DE MEAUX is a cheese that is easy to pair with wine. With its very strong and tasty taste, Brie is a great choice for cheese lovers.
Suggestion of wines:
Red Bordeaux or Red Bourgogne 
SAINT MARCELLIN is a cheese with a typical taste and generous aromas of fruity notes.
Suggestion of wines:
Red Côtes du Rhône
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